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AUTHOR's NOTE: Please read before purchasing this book. This book is written for mature audiences. This is a "what if" book. It is not Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. This story is NOT cannon. If you are looking for that type of book, then perhaps this is not the book for you. If you are not, then please continue ...

Separated by prideful airs and prejudiced assumptions Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are convinced they will never see the other again … until, eleven years later; fate sets them both on a different course.

Elizabeth Bennet
After receiving the most insulting proposal imaginable from Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet vows to loathe him for all eternity. Years later, now a widowed duchess and raising her son, the Duke of Grafton, Elizabeth embarks on an adventure with her son and father to the West Indies.

Fitzwilliam Darcy
After enduring a scathing condemnation of his character by the only woman he would ever love, Mr. Darcy decides he must disappear from society. With the help of his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy secures a ship and crew and sets sail on the open seas. Mr. Darcy’s life takes such a turn that even his closest relative would not recognize him or his new identity as Max Sterling, Captain of the Absolution.

When the pirates of the Absolution attack the Duchess’ ship, Captain Sterling receives the shock of his life when he spots the beautiful duchess and realizes that they share a connection, albeit one that was abandoned eleven years ago …


From bestselling author, Amy Cecil, comes a new variation of a timeless classic.  Get your copy today and get lost in the regency world of Pride & Prejudice.



Narrated by Marina Barrett

Available on Audible

Listening time: 5 hours and 2 minutes

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Definitely unique and very original!!! Darcy was so devastated by Elizabeth's set down at Hunsford that he falls into despair and depression. Shockingly, he decides to leave England behind and become the "Robin Hood" of the seas. Lizzy becomes a duchess. Her father, now a widower, convinces her and her son to visit family in Nassau. During their voyage, their ship is attacked by pirates...and Captain Max Sterling takes Lizzy and her son hostage. During the voyage, Lizzy begins having dreams of Darcy....but cannot understand why. The voyage is literally a voyage of self-discovery, reconciliation and romance on the high seas!!! The story flowed effortlessly...and once I started reading it, I simply could not put the book down. GREAT read!!!! The author does warn readers of the mature content....and I happen to enjoy variations where Lizzy and Darcy's HEA is not stifled by propriety! I loved his explanation for the naming of the ship and the design for the flag to Thomas - very poignant!!! Lizzy's reaction to Max's confession about his true identity is riveting....her shock, angst, wonder and finally her embracing the passionate love that he offers makes for a wonderful resolution to the story!!! I can't wait for the sequel....loved the teaser "Familiar Prides"!!! Darcy will be heading back into the "lion's den", and I can't wait to read about the next chapter of their lives!! - AMAZON REVIEWER

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This was one of my more favorite adaptations to Pride and Prejudice, Amy Cecil would have made Jane Austen proud. Mr. Darcy is hopelessly in love with Elizabeth, and when things don't work out for him, he leaves to live the life of a charitable pirate. He wants to become a good man, and he does so as captain Max Starling, who is most things that Mr. Darcy is not.
After receiving a letter of explanation and apology from Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth realizes her pride ruined any chance they have and after a year of looking out for him, she finally moves on with her life.
But sometimes fate plays her hand exactly where it needs to be played, and these two might just meet up again in the future.
This was such a refreshing, fun, and intimate take on Pride and Prejudice and was beautifully retold. Absolutely well done! - AMAZON REVIEWER

5 STARS.png

On Stranger Prides sounds as if the story was to be about lions but oh, what lions! Fitzwilliam Darcy is now a pirate named Max Sterling. He's not a regular pirate but a Robin Hood style pirate. Elizabeth Bennett married a Duke, had a son and became a widow. She never stopped loving Darcy once she had recognized the feeling but her recognition came too late as Darcy was already gone. Second chance love comes along and old issues arise. This story reads as if Jane Austen was telling the story. The cadence and language is spot on. I enjoyed the added "personal interludes" and felt they fitted this story perfectly. I believe the author did an excellent job in presenting alternate ending for Pride and Prejudice. I've read many variations, expanded ideas and extensions of the original movie and this is among the very best. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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