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The past will always come back to haunt you.

Haunted by mysterious letters threatening to expose his past, Fitzwilliam Darcy is determined to find out who is tormenting him. When he does, he gets caught up in a world hindering his chances of ever seeing Elizabeth or his family again.

With Darcy gone, Elizabeth continues to keep her family's spirits up while Colonel Fitzwilliam moves heaven and earth to find his cousin. When he finally catches a break and receives word that Darcy has been spotted, the Colonel and Elizabeth embark on a journey in a race against time to save him.

Will they get to him in time or will those who love him have to learn to live without him? 

From bestselling author, Amy Cecil, comes a new variation of a timeless classic.  Pick up On Familiar Prides today and discover Darcy and Elizabeth's latest adventure.a


This amazing story was absolutely my favorite from Amy Cecil! The first book was definitely amazing too but this was an adventure worth every second of suspense. The ending was perfect. I must admit I'm so sad to see the last of them and the gorgeous island they call home. The true love described is powerful. The history is well researched and laid out wonderfully throughout. I highly recommend this book! - AMAZON REVIEWER

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I had been anxiously awaiting this sequel. Ms. Cecil did not disappoint she wrote another exciting version of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. It’s written years later and they have returned to society and have a wonderful life together . Then a letter appears threatening to tell everyone about his crimes of the past. Who is threatening their happiness and just how far will they go in getting revenge on the Darcy’s . Beautifully written with the characters we know and love. Highly recommended to any Jane Austin fan. Kudos to the amazing talent of the author who takes us on another incredible journey to the world of Mr. Darcy and his beloved Elizabeth. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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On Familiar Prides take place 22 years after On Stranger Prides ends, after the prologue of this book actually.
Just like in book one, this is Amy’s continuation of her “what if” of Pride and Prejudice.
This book is amazing. I love the way Amy tells her stories, she kept me riveted to my seat while reading this book.
Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth go through so much and we get glimpses of their past, both before their marriage and after.
We get to see how London life was for a young woman being presented to society and to the Queen during this time of the 1840’s. Her writing is very descriptive, made me feel like I was there.
I really loved this book and really all of Amy’s books. The way she ended this book left me feeling very satisfied with their future. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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