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Can a scarred heart risk a second chance?

Zaira’s memories returned, revealing the true depths of Michael Vitali’s deception. While she can’t deny that she loves him, she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to forgive him. 

Until fate intervenes. 

Finding herself caught in the middle of a retaliation plot, Zaira fears she won’t make it out alive. Staring down the barrel of death, her heart aches to be safely back in Michael’s arms. 

Without hesitation, Michael throws his strength, resources, and power into protecting her. But, when offered the chance at a new beginning, is he willing to risk his heart? 

Each page loaded with steamy, mafia drama, Loving the Enemy will leave readers gasping! Get your copy today!





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Love is hell sometimes but it truly is more powerful than any other incentives. Overcoming the past and moving forward can be difficult but then add the life of being head of a mafia family... WOW WOW the passion and everything in this duet ending was a great story! - AMAZON REVIEWER

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Whoa! What an emotional roller coaster! I love that the author intertwined her MC with the Mafia family. The depth of all the characters and every twisting storyline kept me turning the pages. A fabulous duet of books! - AMAZON REVIEWER

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Michael and Zaira's love story picks up right where it left off in Forgetting the Enemy. Zaira's memory has returned and she's determined to put as much space between her and Michael as possible. This story was fast paced, dark and packed full of betrayal, revenge, and blood shed. Zaira's struggle to forgive Michael leaves her vulnerable to their real enemies and the traitor amongst them. Amy Cecil has a way of making the characters feel like family which makes the story more personable to the reader. I enjoyed the Knights of Silence MC crossover. This is another 5 Star must read by this amazing author. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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FTE Final Cover.jpg
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