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Can love survive deception? 

As head of the Vitali crime organization, Michael Vitali is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants now is Zaira Bonito. Unfortunately, she’s the eldest daughter of the rival family. Lucky for Michael, an opportunity presents itself when the families agree to come together to eliminate a common enemy. 

One hit... and everything changes. 

Caught in the fray of the violent chaos, Zaira takes a blow to the head and comes to with no recollection of what happened. Eager to do anything to have her at his side, Michael throws himself into the role of her guide through a life she vaguely recalls. But this deception comes with a steep risk. If Zaira remembers what truly happened the night of her accident, Michael could lose her forever. 

Author Amy Cecil delivers mafia-based drama laced with sizzling romance in Forgetting the Enemy. Get your copy today!


Author’s Note:  This book is intended for mature audiences.  This is the first book in the Enemy Duet and should be read in conjunction with Amy Cecil’s Knights of Silence MC Series. It ends in a cliffhanger that will leaving you wanting to know what happens next – but the entire series is now available.  Below is the suggested reading order:

ICE-Knights of Silence MC Book 1
ICE on FIRE - Knights of Silence MC Book 2
Celtic Dragon - Knights of Silence MC Book 3
Forgetting the Enemy - Enemy Duet Book 1
Raw Honey - Knights of Silence MC Book 4
Loving the Enemy - Enemy Duet Book 2
Sainte - Knights of Silence MC Book 5



Narrated by Mark Bravo and Maya Bravo

Available on Audible

Listening time: 7 hours and 3 minutes

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Organized crime!! when I find a book that has all the pieces that make a perfect mafia story, I’m all in. This author writes an organized crime family brilliantly. I felt all the old world ties with a modern day feel.
I honestly couldn’t get enough of Ziara and Michael, the angst, the push and pull. I loved how this story is written so brilliantly, flowing along pulling me into their ruthless world. It’s a story about how the family is run and how love can change things. Michael is being groomed to run the family and he is in love with a woman who doesn’t remember him. It a story of mystery, lies and all the things we will do to get what we want. I fell in love with Michael and Ziara. I can’t wait to find out where the characters take us. I will say this, This author is taking on organized crime and taking no prisoners. Absolutely my favorite organized crime novel of the year!!! - AMAZON REVIEWER

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The Vitali and the Bonito families were once considered very close friends until tragedy and false accusation caused a rift between them. Now they are arch rivals. Years later Michael Vitali takes over his father’s organisation as the head of the family. Vince Bonito contacts Michael and asks for a favour to protect his sister, Zaira. Michael ever the opportunist decides this can work in his favour; after all, he has always wanted Zaira for himself. When the plot is put into action, not all goes to plan and Zaira is injured causing her to lose her memory. Michael uses this to his advantage and lands up telling a few lies or rather omitting some of the truths to get what he wants. After all, this is the woman he wants and so far it is working in his favour, but what happens when her memory comes back? Can she forgive him for the lies or will her memory be scrambled causing more problems for both of them? The author has given us an enthralling story of lies and deceit. Michael seems to dig himself deeper into a web of lies only to try and protect Zaira. Zaira is a strong character and I liked her sass. The chemistry between the two protagonist sizzles. The story has plenty of building climax, a few plot twists, and great characters. It does end on a cliff-hanger and I cannot wait for the second instalment of this duet. - Hot Books and Sassy Girls book blog

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I absolutely loved “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” by Amy Cecil! While this is the first title I have read by this author, it certainly will not be the last as it is such a refreshing read. “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” has all of the suspense, danger, and grit a reader expects from a MAFIA romance, and it is the first part of a duet, but “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” is incredible. Starting with a slow burn while building the remarkable characters of Michael and Zaira, author Amy Cecil presents her readers with the compelling and sensuous tale of star-crossed lovers from different Mafia families. Michael has just become the head of the strongest Mafia Familia in the city and Zaira is suffering from amnesia. However, Zaira knows one thing; she both trusts and longs for Michael, her fiancé. The question remains, will Zaira feel the same when/if she remembers that Michael is the one who killed her father? While Zaira wants to move ahead with life, Michael does not want to take advantage of her amnesia in fear of losing the one woman he has loved since childhood. I voluntarily read a copy of TITLE and this is my honest, voluntary review. As a practice, I do not give more than 4½ stars to a novella, but “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” is just too good to limit, and there is more to come in this emotional DUET! If you are looking for a GREAT romance and like the MAFIA trope, then “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” should be your next purchase. Worth the time and cost, “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” is a MUST-READ and is going into the FAVORITES collection! I STRONGLY recommend that you purchase your copy of “FORGETTING THE ENEMY” today! Happy pages! 😉- AMAZON REVIEWER

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