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Raw Honey - Knights of Silence MC Book 4

What do you do when your life spirals out of control?


You can either let it or stand up and defeat the demons that threaten you.

Amada Benson left Edinboro on her wedding day leaving everyone she knew in her wake. Several years later when she returns to get her life back a chance encounter changes everything.  She is offered a new life and without hesitation, she takes it.  And instead of learning from her mistakes, she continues to make them over and over again.


Desperately searching for a love to last a lifetime, Amanda is too blind to see that the man who truly loves her is the man that she believes will destroy her.

Jealousy threatens to take hold and—if she isn’t careful— will ultimately destroy her and any chance she may have at having any happiness of her own.


If you enjoy reading stories about leather wearing – motorcycle riding men and their feisty women, then this book is for you.  Pick up your copy today and let the Knights adventure continue.



Narrated by Mark Bravo and Maya Bravo

Available on Audible

Listening time: 7 hours and 3 minutes

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Holy guacamole!! I just got through reading Honey’s story and my mind is justabuzzin’!! ❤️❤️❤️
If you have been reading the Knights books, then this is a MUST read. It is Honey’s background, told in her words, the previous books in this series as seen through her eyes. Plus some new storyline.
I was always torn about my feelings towards Honey, and after reading her story I’m still torn.
I was saddened by her backstory, but really infuriated with her regarding Ice and Emma. And don’t get me started about her true feelings for Hawk. (Thoughts we see in her head).
Then as the book progressed, I was feeling a little better, until Sainte came into the picture. That whole situation had me laughing at her antics. But wowza, the PASSION was scorching!!
I hope this review leaves you with a want to read this book, you really shouldn’t miss it.
And of course, it’s a lead in to the next few books. I can’t wait, I always want the next book now. Lol, 😉
I absolutely love this series and definitely recommend you to read it. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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Wow, this book wasn't what I expected, I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and their story, this book doesn't contain a happily ever after, but there is plenty of romance. This book has it all, plenty of twists and turns, action,intrigue and mystery. What more could you want, motorcycles, madmen, mayhem, a kidnapping, murder, and a woman wanting redemption. I can't wait to read the next installment in this series. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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OMG, this is such an emotional book, I loved it, it is written from Honey's perspective, as she tells her story from the beginning when she comes back to Edinboro after getting clean and is sitting outside the clubhouse when Ice finds her and gives her a home, job and family, it progresses through the events of the three books and carries on from the last page of book three, if you have read that book then you will know what I am talking about, but I am not going to spoil it for anyone new, and I can honestly say that I am not a fan of Honey, however, you really need to grab this as it's exciting and action packed and fast paced. Anyway, there is a new face amongst the club and to say I was upset with a certain someone and rather sad is an understatement.

I would definitely recommend this, it was one I couldn't put down and will be reading again and I can't wait for book 5. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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