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Celtic Dragon - Knights of Silence MC Book 3

You can’t escape the ties that bind


Rebel’s family is in trouble causing the MC to make a trip to Ireland taking them deep into the IRA.  They thought they were prepared, but all the intel in the world didn’t prepare them for the price they’d have to pay to get out.


If you like hot alpha males and action packed stories, then you need to continue your ride with the Knights of Silence MC Series with Celtic Dragon.



Narrated by Mark Bravo and Maya Bravo

Available on Audible

Listening time: 7 hours and 4 minutes

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Ice and his brother's travel to Belfast to rescue Rebel's mother and father who where captured by the British. But there are reasons behind this trip that are discovered along the way, while Emma is in the states she has her own problems that are providing her with her own stresses somebody is out to get her and Ice.
Will everything work out for them being worlds apart or will it prove there is always trouble lurking in the darkness?
To find out you need to read this book, but first you need to read the first two books in the series to understand. Ice and Ice on Fire! - AMAZON REVIEWER

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Rebel has never asked anything of his club.  But when his Mom and Dad go missing he needs help.  Ice just can not say no.  He knows with everything the club has went through lately this isn't the time.  But in the club world you help your brothers.  Then the secrets come out.  Now he has to help.  But what is he getting himself and his club into? 
So off to Ireland they go.  They get the information they need.  But a wrench is thrown in there.  Did you expect anything else?

My take on this book:

I have loved the Knights of Silence series since the beginning.  Ice and Emma captured my heart.  And Amy did not disappoint with this book.  She continues to surprise even me.  The way she wrote this one I am not used to but it really made the book even more interesting.  The emotions that came out in this book will hit you hard.  I loved that the women in the book took more action.  The guys are going to have their hands full that's for sure.  Amy can draw you in and you will love every minute of it along with wanting to strangle her at the same time.  I highly recommend this book and series.  It is a DO NOT MISS.

Till the next book ~ Nancy - AMAZON REVIEWER

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This story gives a quite a bit...we get three couples, two in relationships and one developing. Emma and Ice are expecting; Rebel and Ari and in love and Hawk and Honey are a work in progress! In the MC you are family whether you are blood or not, but sometimes blood brothers need help too. When a call comes for help from Ireland Ice and Rebel make the choice to go. Part of the story takes place there while there is still danger close to home. How will our couples deal with all that is being thrown at them. Family ties, old girlfriends, the IRA and snakes OH MY!

I loved the pace of this story. We are given a bit of a history lesson too. She didn't lie.....we are left with a cliffy, but I couldn't wait to read it. Looking forward to the next book. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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