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Readers, Fans, Friends...

I just spent an amazing weekend with three of my readers, Amelia Pluck, Stephanie Russell, and LaChelle Funk. These ladies started as readers, became fans and now, I am so honored and proud to call them my friends.

The "girls" weekend started on Friday. We didn't do anything special and just hung out at the house and had pizza and margaritas. We talked until 2 am. The next morning, our conversations continued then went out to lunch at Drakes. We talked about everything from our lives, friends, and families to the amazing books we have read. I can tell you we all walked away with a new TBR list!! Stephanie and Amelia left Saturday afternoon, while LaChelle stayed. We spent the remainder of the day and night being lazy watching movies on Passionflix and snacking on foods that were so bad for us! Such fun times.

So many times throughout the weekend I would think "This is so cool." Never in a million years that when I wrote my first book did I imagine I would have fans and friends from those fans. I can't begin to tell you what an awesome feeling it is to have gotten to this point with my readers.

This weekend was such a huge success and I plan to make this an annual tradition.

Thank you again LaChelle, Amelia and Stephanie for an amazing weekend! Love you ladies to the moon and back!

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It was an an amazing and much needed time. I don’t have a lot of people here to talk about books and stuff so this was a treat. I al made friends with Stephanie, Amelia and of course Amy. I will look forward to this every year. You ladies rock.

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