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Get it DONE!

I hate it when I start a new week playing catch-up from the week before. Sometimes, I just don't feel like doing all I need to do, and other times I just can't focus. Many times I just want to binge-watch something on TV. But things have to get done and that is a luxury I only get to experience once in a while.

Well, I'm happy to report that this past weekend was very productive. I had a huge "to do" list, which included things from basic household chores to writing to moving forward with some Spellbinding events stuff. And, I binge-watched a couple of shows too!

It's such a nice feeling to start the week off with a new and fresh list.

While I did not meet my writing goal this weekend, I did get some of it done. My current WIP is Wicked Deceptions, a romantic spy novel set during WW1. I am hoping to release it this fall and am really excited for you all to read it.

Don't get bogged down by all you have to do and take each completed task as an accomplishment.

I hope that you can look at the new week with a fresh attitude. It does wonder for the mind!

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