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AUTHOR's NOTE: Please read before purchasing this book. This is a "what if" book. It is not Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. This story is NOT cannon. If you are looking for that type of book, then perhaps this is not the book for you. If you are not, then please continue ...

Perception is reality – or is it?


Mr. Darcy is in love with the beautiful and witty Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but she is entirely unaware of his affections. Determined to spend more time with the beguiling young woman, Mr. Darcy decides to pay a visit to his aunt when he learns that Miss Elizabeth's cousin will soon be hosting her as a guest.
As Mr. Darcy decides that he means to secure his future happiness, his cousin and dearest friend, Colonel Fitzwilliam, comes to the same realization. Seizing the opportunity to join Mr. Darcy, the colonel prepares to make a proposal of his own.

Will Colonel Fitzwilliam overcome the obstacles in his path? Will Mr. Darcy find the happiness he so desperately longs for, or will his misguided assumptions forestall his chance at finding love?


From bestselling author, Amy Cecil, comes a new variation of a timeless classic.  Get your copy today and get lost in the regency world of Pride & Prejudice.


Really enjoyed this story. Caroline and Wickham were their usual hateful selves until they were stopped. Larry Catherine was really great in this story. Reminds me of the 1940's version of Pride and Prejudice movie with Laurence Olivier. Even though the couple didn't have as many disagreements as in Austen's Pride and Prejudice, there still were misunderstandings between them. Georgiana and Anne became friends with Elizabeth loving her upon meeting for the first time. The only sad part was when Mr. Bennet dies after a riding accident. He and Darcy became close and Darcy was given permission and blessings to marry Elizabeth. Once the confusion in Darcy's mind was cleared, the couple began their married life together. Thank you, Amy, for writing a wonderful tale. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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I enjoyed this book and, yes, it has some hiccups. Not enough to stop me from enjoying another offering by this author. I think you'll like it unless you are hard-core P&P readers. Give it some creative license, after all, it is a story. Thanks Ms. Cecil. I look forward to following your books in the future. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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Amy did a great job of keeping the characters true to their natures. Darcy is reserved, Elizabeth playful,and they never seem to be able to say what they think. Plot twist is intriguing. - AMAZON REVIEWER

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