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Forgetting the Enemy:  Knights of Silence MC Series Special Edition Paperback (Enemy Duet Series #1) with newly designed interior art.  This title is only available through Amy Cecil's website, pre-order form, and signing events.  Limited quantities will be available at events.


Can love survive deception?

As head of the Vitali crime organization, Michael Vitali is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants now is Zaira Bonito. Unfortunately, she’s the eldest daughter of the rival family. Lucky for Michael, an opportunity presents itself when the families agree to come together to eliminate a common enemy.

One hit... and everything changes.

Caught in the fray of the violent chaos, Zaira takes a blow to the head and comes to with no recollection of what happened. Eager to do anything to have her at his side, Michael throws himself into the role of her guide through a life she vaguely recalls. But this deception comes with a steep risk. If Zaira remembers what truly happened the night of her accident, Michael could lose her forever.

Author Amy Cecil delivers mafia-based drama laced with sizzling romance in Forgetting the Enemy. Get your copy today!

Author’s Note: This book is intended for mature audiences. This is the first book in the Enemy Duet and should be read in conjunction with Amy Cecil’s Knights of Silence MC Series. It ends in a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting to know what happens next – but the entire series is now available. Below is the suggested reading order:


  • ICE-Knights of Silence MC Book 1
  • ICE on FIRE - Knights of Silence MC Book 2
  • Celtic Dragon - Knights of Silence MC Book 3
  • Forgetting the Enemy - Enemy Duet Book 1
  • Raw Honey - Knights of Silence MC Book 4
  • Loving the Enemy - Enemy Duet Book 2
  • Sainte - Knights of Silence MC Book 5
  • Hawk's Legacy (Series Standalone, but should be read last)

Forgetting the Enemy: Knights of Silence MC Series Special Edition Paperbac

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